A User Guide To Download FileLinked App On Android | Step By Step Tutorial

FileLinked is the app for Android and it is the best bulk file downloader for Android smartphones. The app is really cool and simple to use. In this post, we will help you step by step to download and install the FileLinked App on your Android device. Also, we will help to use the app in this user guide.

Step By Step Tutorial To Install The App On Android

Go to the home page

Go to the home page

Tap on the download button and it will take you to the Main FileLinked APK file downloading page. You can also find this page from the main menu “Download FileLinked APK”

Now tap on the download button

Now tap on the download button

Tap On Download Button

Now Tap On the package installer, if it shows you to your device. As you will tap it will start downloading the App.

Tap On the package installer

Once the download will complete, it will show you the installation option automatically. If not just go to the download manager and check for the downloaded APK file and tap on the file to start the installation process.

Filelinked APk

Tap On install and wait for few seconds till it completes the installation process.

FileLinked For Android

Note: When you will tap on the Install button it will show you a warning message, just ignore it and allow permission. To avoid this message just go to the phone security setting and allow unknown apps.

Once it is installed go to the Home screen and tap on the app icon to open the FileLinked.

Filelinked App

You are done, enjoy the app to download the bulk files without any hassle.

How The Filelinked Works?

Yes, the app is confusing becasue when you open it for the first time, you find nothing just a box where it asked for the code. To use the app you must have a FileLinked Code.

You can create a code by yourself or you can use the previously generated FileLinked Code for Android.

How To Create Code On Android?

This Is How You Can Create FileLinked Code With Dropbox Links

FileLinked Android Codes

These are some of the most used codes for Android. Enjoy

  • 76115743: Here you can all the streaming apps for Movies & TV Shows streaming
  • 38069272: Joe’s App Store

FileLinked VS Droidadmin

Both are the same app, firstly it was named Droidadmin and later it changed to the FileLinked. So do not be confused between these two names, they are the same.

FileLinked App For For Android Tablet

If you are looking to install the App on your Android tablet then the same given steps will work for the Tablet devices too. Just follow the suggestions given in the beginning.

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